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21 November 2006


Archie Bishop

This sounds like terrible teaching. Still, I think the discussion of stereotypes could have gone further. Stereotypes are not only used to define certain people as "inferior" (by race, class, ethnicity, gender, etc.) but are also used to present certain people as heroic, even where no heroism exists. Many of the arranged photo-ops of George Bush, as he and his regime planned and executed a war based on lies, relied on tested visual cliches, many borrowed from the movies, to make him look like a righteous and heroic leader.


Sorry Tristan, but I am not 100% agreeing with you...
I do agree that a stereotype often has racist roots.I beleive that stereotypes are the most common way to be racist without any guilt, that's why they are very dangerous.(have u seen crash?)
Also, it would not be (politically) correct to say that it is normal to have stereotypes.
However, you would really be a superhero, or have been living in a pink island all you life to maintain that you don't have any stereotypes.
I wish it could be true, and to be very honest, I hope to raise my children so as they could tell without a lie this kind of sentence to their teacher.

Jeff the laser Eye Surgery Doc

I beleive stereotypes are wrong but human nature thrives with the acceptance of these thoughts. We need to develop and advance ideas that overcome these negative ideas

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