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27 November 2006


Sam Travis Ewen

In some ways hate has receded to the background and yet in others it has risen to the top. Consider this - Popular media, whether MTV, Movies or Pop Music seem to be very comfortable talking/adoring/deriding people 'hating' on each other. Haters in their eyes refer to those who have issues with other people's success, physical attributes, possessions, etc.

See - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hater

In addition, if you look at comedy and popular media - people are constantly calling other's Bitches, punks, sell-outs, losers, white trash, etc. Which also speaks to the acceptance of hate, intolerance and prejudice that is an undercurrent of living at this time.

Perhaps it is that there are many forms of hate that have become sterilized and accepted and others that are 'off-limits'.

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