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22 November 2006


Sam Ewen

First: Define BAZONKA

Second: I agree, that the stress of the situation and his apparent performance anxieties led him to crack and it distilled down to his primal fears. Fears that many, unbeknownst to themselves, harbor just under the surface.

Matthew Foglino

I agree with your analysis. Richards did present himself both as Jekyll and Hyde. He does illustrate latent hate and fundamental associations within the collective consciousness of so many. I believe that Richards also does much to illustrate something else in his apology. He mentioned that there is a "black white conflict" and "disturbance" within this country. Katrina, also mentioned, is only the most evident example. We are living in such an age of great extremes. Globalization, gentrification... it means stratification! If I walk down the streets of the Village in New York, my eyes greet me with a feast of decadence...of young people living a glamorous life of celebrity with the hottest fashions and life abound, yet only the slightest evidence of toil. However... if I take a short subway ride into the Bronx or Brooklyn, I am greeted by faces that are haggard, overworked and aged before their time. This stark contrast too often takes on the hues of white and black. It is my worry, that as we advance ever deeper into this abyss consumerism, how many more outbursts of rage and "Jekyll and Hyde" will we see? As we look upon each other’s faces with envy and disgust in trying to substantiate our own lives, what stereotypes will be called upon? What future hate will feed this beast?

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