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Stuart Ewen

Elizabeth Ewen

The authors at rest.

Portrait of Stuart Ewen and Elizabeth Ewen at home. Photo by Yoko Inoue. From Mark Dery's "...q + a" interview with the authors in ID magazine, December 2006.

Authors at rest in 1967

Liz after Sargent's 'Madam X' (Archie Bishop 2007)

Stuart Ewen lecturing in Montreal, 2005

Stuart Ewen (1948)

Elizabeth Ewen (1966)

A rare portrait of the rarely seen Archie Bishop, 2005

A note to the authors from Eduardo Galeano.

Shadow Portrait

Our Parent Company

Taking a break from writing Typecasting. Provincetown, MA

Archie Bishop of Canterbury

Ewen, Ewen and Ewen

The Authors in Goggles

In this 1967 clipping, Stuart Ewen (right) is seen selling copies of Connections, a newspaper he co-edited and founded in Madison, Wisconsin. Elizabeth Ewen was also a editor/founder of Connections, one of the first "underground" papers of the sixties.

After Fox Talbot

After Fox Talbot

Part Archie Bishop's 2009 installation, "What Is Real?" outside The Ewen Library in New York City