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04 November 2007



Women and their many images in the (male dominated) media...
Let's see, we've been the Madonna and the Whore...
We've also been:
The simple-minded (Edith Bunker, Mrs. Cleaver, Mrs. Father Knows Best, et al); The Dyke (so called for rejecting a cat-call from an undesirable, and NOT her orientation); The Bitch (Joan Collins and her Dynasty character for simply being assertive and wanting the same things as do her male counterparts); The Boob (pick one, any one, usually, blond, buxom type with little gray matter activity; Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds or How to Marry a Millionaire; Pamela Sue Anderson as herself or as the scantily clad lifeguard in... Uhhh, you know the show...)
Women are as fast as cars and just as dangerous...
They're "man-eaters" and are often depicted as sleek, murmuring felines on the prowl.
A reminder (to men, perhaps) that a sweet, purring kitten can easily morph into a ravaging panther, if not applying caution.
So, there are countless images, though, all decidedly, mammalian.
The concept of desire for "interspecies" pleasures (as subliminally suggested by Kholer's ad) presents us with another prospect, not necessarily new, but, one not as commonplace as the aforementioned.

The Reptile.
Yes, women have been mermaids, but, they've maintained their feminine torso (and feminine ways), despite the fishtail.
The Kholer ad intimates that "a desire" for "interspecies mingling" has already occurred and the "model" (in the ad) is the result of such a "mingling".
But, here's the bit that turns this warm-blooded, mammalian type into a
Kane Toad...
It's the realization that
men have so inundated and ultimately overwhelmed themselves with these unrealistic female concepts that they've lost their sensibility...their sense of reality.
(...for the man...)
The mystique turns into mystery, and the mystery into enigma, hence, the woman remains, a blurred, cool, distant...enigma; someone or some "thing", hardly resembling a warm-blooded creature he onced readily recognized and embraced.
She becomes estranged and removed from his inner circle; and the longer she can prolong this distance, hence, her control over this one-to-one dynamic, the more she becomes "the stranger".
The Alien...
A cold-blooded reptilian type, who by manipulating the space between herself and the male type, manages to perversely stimulate the male pleasure center.

One has to wonder what kind of upbringing had this male type who responds to the aforementioned scenario, but, that's another story.

All in all, these images only continue the trend of dehumanizing women.


China Project Tips

important for the organization of both sexual behavior and food behavior, I infer that territoriality must also be intricately mediated and to a large degree controlled by pheromones, beyond the marking behavior that I have discussed so far. The world of experience realized by animals, proto-humans, and humans is built upon a rich, dense, complicated, territorially bounded universe of unconscious hormone and pheromone mediated, ecologically situated behavior.

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