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15 March 2008



It says that it has not yet been released and that pre-orders are available. I thought this was going to be available by now, and am waiting for it to come out.

March 10, 2008


Hey Elizabeth and Stuart,

I thought you'd find this "Beauty and the Geek" link interesting. Notice how they not only change the clothes but also the facial complexion (they make the nose on Nordic-looking girls "hook" - apparently, that's nerdy) and in some cases body shape.



The website now says "will ship in 3 to 6 weeks." Is that accurate?

Stuart Ewen

We're hoping that the shipping time will be sooner than then. Books are already available, so I'm not sure why it will take that long. SE

The Science Pundit

That's the WWI "mad brute" poster. Wow!

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