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29 January 2009


Robin Locke Monda

I learned about this guy on some local news show. Couldn't believe it. I think someone should stand in a good spot outside his place and watch through the window; see who's actually buying these things. If he's makin' em, someone's buyin' em.


I've seen a "Black is the new green" tee shirt on 14th street market during elections and some stupid campaign the gap had during elections too referring to color, but the drunken negro cookie as referred to a fun face? Never stops. Obssessed I tell you.

Steve Gorelick

What annoys me almost as much as this racist nonsense is what some of the remaining right-wing culture warriors are almost certain to say when public outrage is expressed. In fact, let me save the merchants of intolerance some time and effort. I hereby give them permission to use any of the following predictable responses verbatim:

“A chocolate cookie? What you worry about serious things?”

“Will the political correctness never end? The guy was just trying to have some fun.”

“What about our free speech and the free speech of the guy who made the cookie?”

“Pretty soon you won't be able to say anything disparaging about anybody. Then what kind of freedom do we have?”

And, finally, the most predictable of all the right wing responses: “You guys are such hypocrites. If it was a George Bush cookie with vanilla icing you'd be laughing your heads off.”

The last one is the most fatuous, and the most likely to be offered by a culture warrior trying to paint a veneer of alleged fairness over his or her racism. Making fun of white people is not, within our tragic historical context, anything approaching the same thing.as making fun of black people.

To even fathom making a chocolate Obama cookie is to reveal one's stunning ignorance of several hundred years in which all manner of toys, foods, consumer products, cereals, soaps, board games, pancake mixes, and heaven knows what else were marketed using Sambos, pickaninnies, Jemimas, and every other possible racist symbol.

So don't waste your breath telling me I'm being too sensitive when a chocolate Obama cookie disgusts me. The only thing more disgusting is people who will find it either amusing or acceptable.


Prof. Gorelick ! Right on!


The owner is Greek, right? This is very strange to me. Greece, a very democratic nation, that puts a lot of value in ethics, morals and freedom of speech... to do something like this. It's only a cookie, yeah but the idea behind it and why it was made is just... not nice.

All the best!

Black and Latina

What happened to freedom of speech? If you do not like the product - don't go in the damn store! Are people not allowed to express their opposition to the new president? As a minority, I'm allowed to express my dislike for "other" people as comedians & rappers do...but if "other" people express their dislike for us it is splashed on the front page of the paper!

The protests and complaints should be directed to the music labels and vh1 for parading us around like monkeys...there I said it!!!

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