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29 May 2009



I too read this article with great dismay, ban hugging? How can this be? Nico is a hugger and hugs the other girls at her school with abandon and fortitude, I think she is single handedly trying to start this trend at her school. While at the High School in Bushwick the girls walked arm in arm and the boys hugged each other, in a world where they were seeing their friends get shot and were constantly harassed by the cops how could there possibly be anything wrong with this? Gratefully no one at the school saw this a a problem. Is this where I wonder what this world is coming to?


I live in South Africa. I am so a hug-type of person. I am now a second year university student, but in High School, we also greeted friends (male and female) with hugs.
A hug can say so much! So many situations in live cannot be fixed or helped with words, but a hug speaks unfathomly more!
I still greet my friends with hugs...I love it...I can respect it when other people aren't "touch-people"
We need someone with skin, someone touchable, someone to hug, where you hear or feel their heartbeat and are not alone!


I think objectivity would require that you treat the proxemics of the "old establishment" with respect. I can't imagine you going on a rant against Saudi mores.

Emma Bell

If I were in Saudi Arabia, a rant would be very appropriate.


Courageously to begin this fad at her school. While at the High School in Bushwick the young ladies strolled affectionately intertwined and the kids gripped one another

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